Testing The Chlorine In Pool Water

Ok now it's time to test the chlorine levels in your pool and there are test kits that measure three aspects of the chlorine level, this is the kit
you want to purchase.  This kt measures the amount of free available chlorine in the pool that can sanitize the water. The combined chlorine
which consist of the foul smelling, irritating compounds which form when there is not enough free available chlorine to disinfect the pool.
And then this kit tests the total amount of chlorine in the water.

First you should focus on how much chlorine is available in the water  this is important because having the correct amount of chlorine in the
pool keeps the pool clean and sanitized and keeps it safe for people to swim in.

Too little chlorine can result in  poor sanitization of the pool and cause algal and bacterial growth,

Too much chlorine can result in skin irritations including the eyes and the nose. Chlorine is also carcinogenic and the goal should always
be to keep the levels at the minimum required to sanitize but to also keep it safe for swimmers.

Take the water sample from at least 18 inches below the surface and test according to the test kit instructions on the kit.  Remember to cap
the tube with the provided cap and not your finger to insure accurate readings.

The desirable level of available chlorine in the pool is 1.0-3.0ppm with 2.0ppm being the recommended ideal.

Add chlorine according to the test results. A pool needs roughly about 600 grams of granular chlorine (2-3 cups) for each 50,000 litres of
water twice a week during the hot swimming season Please note that this is only a guide, and actual chlorine requirements can only be
determined by regular testing.
Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips
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