Step 1 - Preparation
MY POOL TILE PRO will first evaluate your pool surfaces to determine the best way remove the calcium. Thick deposits may be scraped
down to level that will be easier to remove with our equipment.
MY POOL TILE PRO will professionally remove that ugly calcium scale build
up that  is caused by the hard water found in Las Vegas, Nevada. We never
use harsh chemicals to clean your pool or spa tile.  Call Pool Tile Pros for
your free no obligation estimate today!  702-241-3189
Step 3 - Clean Up
At MY POOL TILE PRO the job is not complete until we have cleaned up our work areas and removed any left over debris from the tile
cleaning process. When we leave your pool will be clean and ready for you to enjoy.
Step 1 - Calcium Scale Removal
MY POOL TILE PRO cleans your pool tile with fine glass bead media. Our process is an environmentally  friendly, safe and effective way to
clean pool tile and Pebble Tec. The media is used under pressure to safely remove calcium, (hard water build up) algae, mold, mildew and
other deposits from your pool tile surface.  Once complete your pool tile will look like new again. If you choose to protect your tile after
cleaning, a protective sealer can be applied. This will help to slow future calcium deposit buildup.
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