Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips
Adding Chlorine

If the pH is correct and the total alkalinity is at the proper level then the amount of chlorine to add to the pool will
depend on what the present level of chlorine is and the type of chlorine that is used.  Read manufacturers instructions
and follow their guide on how much chlorine to add to your pool.

Chlorine degrades rapidly in sunlight so the best time to add chlorine is early morning or at dusk or early evening so
the chlorine has time to mix and dissolve before the sun reduces its strength.
Scatter the chlorine evenly around the pool or just  pour it slowly in front of the return flow jets to ensure even and rapid

To insure proper sanitation and pool cleanliness the Chlorine should be kept at a level of 1.0-3.0 ppm.

If the pool smells bad or has high levels of contaminates then the pool may need to be treated with shock. and  
unstabilized chlorine.
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