Adjusting Pool Water pH

Naturally the pH in pool water tends to rise because of a combination of factors such as human wastes like sweat, urine
and so fourth and the fact that standing water just wants to balance itself to an 8.5 pH .

You will use pool acids to reduce high pH levels.

Dry acid or Muriatic acid are common acids used to balance pH

Be very careful when handling acid.  Acid can cause burns to the skin and make sure to protect your eyes when pouring
and mixing acid. No one should be in the pool when adding acid and make sure the pump is running.

You will need a bucket to mix the acid into add the acid to water in the bucket not the other way around. Fill the bucket
3/4 full of water from the pool then add the acid to the bucket and pour it slowly around the deep end of the pool.  If you
are adding a large quantity of acid, do it in stages spacing the stages out in 4 hour increments while running the pool
pump and testing the water after each application to check the chemical balance.

Adding too much acid at one time to the pool can cause damage to the pool equipment and surfaces.
Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips
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