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Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips
Testing Calcium Hardness In Pool Water

The total hardness refers to the total mineral content of the water.  The minerals found in pool water are manganese, iron magnesium,
calcium and other minerals.  These minerals are what is in the water you use to fill your pool.  If you live in the desert southwest you have
experience with the large amount of calcium that is in the water that in turn causes calcium buildup on pool tile and other water features.  
Remember Pool Tile Pros knows how to safely remove this buildup so call us when you need calcium scale professionally removed from
your pool tile and pool features.

Now the ideal range for calcium hardness is 150 to 200 ppm for masonry finished pools and 80 to 150 for vinyl-lined pools.

If the calcium hardness is too low then the pool water acts like a corrosive and will etch pool surfaces and even corrode metal including
pipes and metal pool equipment and connectors.
You can easily increase the calcium hardness by using calcium chloride.  When adding calcium chloride you need to divide the amount
you are going to add into 3 parts in order to test and add more as needed.  Add the first part and run the pool pump for at least 4 hours
retest the water and repeat the process until the proper level is reached.

If the calcium hardness is too high a scale can accumulate on the surface of the water and then adhere to objects at pool level such as
pool tile and water features and can clog filters.  When filters and pipes are clogged water flow is reduced and the pool is harder to keep
clean and keep everything properly circulating resulting in problem pool water.
Calcium hardness in the pool will be reduced if some or all of the water in the pool is replaced.  Pool water should be completely drained
and replaced every 3 to 5 years. Here in the southwest draining the pool every 3 years is recommended.  Speak with a professional about
what chemicals can be used to help reduce calcium in your pool and follow instructions carefully.
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